Do you want to start business in Poland? Or you are already at our market, but have some doubts on your tax returns/other public duties? Your business partner does not pay on time? Maybe you are a creditor of an insolvent entity or your company is about to be insolvent and wants to declare bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings?

I remain at your disposal! As Polish tax advisor, insolvency and restructuring advisor as well as customs agent. Full description of my activities is in Polish (but I understand that you may not be fluent in this really challenging language), so I decided to present only main points of my professional activity below.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to fill the form below!

Establishing subsidiaries
Do you know, that in Poland CIT rate for SMEs is at the level of only 9%?
Trans-boundary activities
Tax advisory in relation to Polish and international law
Investments and business in Poland
Comprehensive support in your Polish business and private investments.
Bankruptcy in Poland
When your Polish debtor becomes insolvent.
Restructuring of business models
When your enterprise need first aid or reform
Contact in your language
We speak English and German. And always do our best to fulfill the highest expectations of our Clients